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Childcare Application

Application fee is $35 per child! & Annual administration fee is $10 per child!


Please click on the button below to gain access to our application package.

 There are two options when it comes to obtaining a hard copy of the necessary forms needed to complete your childcare application.


Option 1: You may print out the application yourself ($15 savings!!)

This option is for those with access to a printer:  Please print and complete the entire package prior to returning it to our center. When you bring your application to the center, please be sure to have the remaining $20 due for the application fee and the $10 administration fee to submit. 


 Option 2: You may call ahead to make arrangements to pick-up an application from our center!

The $35 application fee must be paid directly to us prior to the application being provided. You may pay the $10 administration fee at that moment as well or wait to pay that fee when you return the application. 


We accept cash, money orders, apple pay and cash-app payments!



 There is a $35 fee for all applications received from the center. 

You have the opportunity to save $15 just by printing out your own application. 

 There is an annual administration fee of $10 due per child.

** If your child is older than 15 months you will not need to print the pages labeled for infants.

* If your child is an infant/ toddler you do not have to print out the toilet training page.

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