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Application fee is $35 per child!

There will be an annual administration fee of $10 per child (based on date of enrollment).

Weekly tuition is due the Friday prior to services rendered.

Parent fee's for those that receive childcare vouchers are due on the 1st of each month.

Our Center Based Scholarship

Scholarship opportunity! 

We are able to offer low-income families our center based scholarship. This scholarship will assist in the reduction of standard childcare tuition cost. If you are in need of childcare assistance and are currently on a waitlist for a program; we may be able to assist you until your voucher or grant is processed/valid. Proof of your application submission to D.S.S, Guilford Child Development, Military Corp, etc. may be requested.

Inquire Now!!

Standard Tuition Rates

                     **Vouchers Accepted** 


   Full Time Weekly Care (up to 45hrs)

Infants: $255

Toddlers: $245

Preschool: $235

Pre-K: $230

Afterschool: $65


Part Time Weekly Care (< 24 hrs)

Infants: $190

Toddlers: $185

Preschool: $170

Pre-K: $165


Drop-in Daily Care

Infant/Toddler: $60

Preschool/ Pre-K (T.A.N) $55

Preschool/Pre-K: $50

School-age virtual: $40

2 days a week max

         *T.A.N- Toilet Assistance Needed


School-age (Summer Camp)

K-5th grade for $100 week*


All care services are based on parent's current work schedules. Children attend the center on days that their parents are actively working for the day. Children are able to arrive up to 30 minutes prior to the start of their parents work shift and have up to 30 minutes after their parents assigned shift to attend for the day at no additional expense. Please understand that the max care time is still based on your care plan.

-The Wright Place CDC

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